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Diversity Builds Community | Maple Grove Hot Springs

The future is bright. ⁠

⁠As we round the corner toward the upcoming election, we know everyone is on edge. Where will we head as a country, as neighbors, as families, as workers, and as a global society?⁠

⁠Here at Maple, we honor the diversity of our community and witness cohesiveness on a daily basis. The outcome of Tuesday will not limit the chance we have to re-envision how we show up on Wednesday. ⁠

⁠Exploring our land and experiencing our mission as an equal parts ecological and recreational basecamp shouldn't leave much mystery about the type of society we desire to build and inhabit.

⁠One where humans are drawn together, not pushed apart. Where differences between race, gender, class, religion, and lifestyle are honored, not smothered. ⁠

⁠Where Humans live in harmony with, not at the expense of, the natural world. Where our energy flows freely from clean, renewable sources. Where air, water, and land are valued as much as the lives that depend on them. ⁠

⁠Where our social fabric is only as strong as our most vulnerable thread. Where your health is our wellness. Where your child's education is their child's knowledge. Where we have fewer minimum wage jobs and more maximum value livelihoods. ⁠

⁠Less haves and have-nots and more have enoughs. ⁠

⁠We are so lucky to be alive at a time when these hopes are not just possible but exist. ⁠

⁠We see a future where they exist more often, more freely, more fairly, and more lovingly to more of us Humans to happen to be alive at this very moment.


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