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Farewell Clint and Michaela | Maple Grove Hot Springs

Transition is in the air. 2021, a year that's felt like sand in our collective fingers, is coming to an end. In its place, a new one awaits. Change, here or there, is in our blood. ⁠⁠

It has been a fast year, to say the least. Nothing represents that more than the fact that our hosts, Clint and Michaela, have achieved something pretty huge, nine months of working and loving on this land. ⁠⁠

After such an exhausting 2020, they brought something to our space we all deeply needed—a calm, quiet steadiness that set a tone whose echo will beat for some time. ⁠

⁠Under their stewardship, your experience has evolved, grown, and settled into itself. In a way, they have to. ⁠

⁠Days after joining us, they were quietly married on a river bend in Moab. Shortly after, they welcomed a little pup named Summit to honeymoon with this whole community for the remainder of the year. ⁠

⁠Together, we've opened up our General Store, trained a few generations of team members, built new pools, welcomed back retreats, kicked off music in the new River Lounge, cleaned those pools over and over again, fixed pipes, caught critters, welcomed over 6,000 soakers, cared for over 7,000 overnighters and more. ⁠

⁠Now, as the New Year approaches, these guys are off to new chapters! At the same time, we are excited to welcome those who will follow in their footsteps. ⁠

⁠But more on that later. Right now, we are simply and deeply grateful for all the love, blood, sweat, and tears that this steady couple has poured into our community. ⁠

⁠Cheers to a fast yet thriving 2021! Clint and Michaela, we can't wait to see what you create next!


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