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FREE(dom from) WIFI | Maple Grove Hot Springs

We proudly offer FREE(dom from) WiFi.

A digital detox that happens to have hot springs.

What started as part accident (we broke our cell phone extender on day one) and part geographical limitation has become, in many ways, the most healing thing we now deliberately offer.

It's also something we are fiercely committed to protecting.

We serve up an experience free from cell phones, WiFi, notifications, emails, texting, social media, scrolling, dings, distractions, and diversions, along with just about everything else the cult of "right here, right now, realtime, reaction-based” living dishes out through the sneaky little computers in our pockets.

Yes, this digital dance we willingly consent to offers so many conveniences. And yet, anyone on the dance floor surely senses that it all comes at a cost—socially, psychologically, and emotionally.

The palm up, screen in hand, and eyes fixed down is now spotted in every line, dinner table, and public human experience. We hide from life’s quiet moments by retreating to a virtual world of anywhere but here, anytime but now, anyone but those near us.

As a species, it can feel like we are plugged in and checked out. Outsourcing hard-fought personal happiness to the easy validation of outside likes and views.

Distracted and entertained, we often miss the most important moments waiting right in front of us. Those with our loved ones, with strangers, and most importantly, within ourselves.

The art (and task) of being un-entertained and left alone to find meaning in stillness is perhaps more needed and healing than the very waters we wade into each day.

If you don’t know what we’re talking about, it’s time.

If you know what we’re talking about but don’t think you need it, it’s time.

If you know, you need it but don’t know where to start. It just might be here.

FREE(yourself from) WiFi

Photo: Gillian Hunter


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