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Our Social Media Promise and AI | Maple Grove Hot Springs

A current thought on our long-standing social media promise:

Years ago, when we first opened our pools, we settled into a commitment:

To never pay anyone to co-opt your attention through the ever-expanding ecosystem of social media influencer-based marketing.

In fact, we quietly made the decision not to pay for ANY social media-based marketing at all.

In an era where real moments are thrown into question by friends turning themselves into billboards and by algorithms intruding into your sacred spaces through unconsenting scrolling, we felt strongly that an organic, free-range approach to content along our shores felt right.

This means that when you see, hear, watch, or witness something from our land, it is 100% driven by a fellow guest having a delightfully authentic moment they felt excited to capture.

We love and welcome all of the creative, informative, and influential people and pieces that have helped spread our mission over the years.

And we love even more that it's fueled by artistry and originality—not money and metrics.

It sets creators and customers free to be present, authentic, and trustworthy.

It's hard to quantify the cost of this decision; but, to be honest, we haven't given it much thought.

Instead, we rely on an organic trickle of happy guests, selectively inviting those who may appreciate our purpose.

In the same spirit, we wanted to place our feet deep into the soil of a human-based history on one other trend that is diluting the soul of businesses and communities we all care about:

Artificial Intelligence.

We will never ask a machine to write, create, influence, or post anything on our behalf.

Right now, whether you know it or not, AI is being used by people and businesses you love to conduct a conversation with you in marketing, captions, social media content, blogs, and more.

Years from now, the decision today to remain a human-based ORGAN(ization) with a SOUL when it comes to storytelling within our relationship will seem like an important one. We hope.

If you're reading us, you're reading a human who sits in our shared pools. Today, tomorrow, and forever.


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