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Independence Day 2023 | Maple Grove Hot Springs

As Independence Day settles, consider yourself invited to join us in celebrating a broader take:


A balance exists between how far we've come as a people and the ideals that propel us to keep on moving still.

Of our rebellious past born out of dreams of freedom, liberty, and justice for all. Of our present luck to now partake in the fruits of the revolutionary steps so long ago. Of our limitless future that continues to call for us to move beyond me to we.

Today, right now, we are arguably living in the most prosperous place on Earth at the most abundant time on the Planet. Humans, collectively, live longer, have more, see further, connect broader, and reach higher.

But are we happier? Kinder? Softer? United? Co-existing interdependently?

Or are we existing independently?

The answer, of course, is a daily choice based on one fundamental answer-

Until you are free, am I free?

Until your family is safe, is mine safe? Until your job is secure, is my income guaranteed? Until your kids eat, sleep, and play, will mine grow to be old, fat, and happy?

Around here, in our pools, we see interdependence play out daily.

Whether you're from a big city or small town, carry a collar that's white or blue, vote this or that, or believe in some God or none, we all strip down to our HUMANITY

and hop in the same water.

So, today and beyond, our hope is that we celebrate the gift of our collective Independence Day by individually designing Interdependent Living.


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