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Grand Reopening | Maple Grove Hot Springs

We survived! It's been about a year since Maple closed her doors and about six months since we dove in head first to what was left of her. ⁠

⁠"We" is an understatement. Here, on the stoop of our very first project, the Forest Yurt, sit just a few of our inaugural crew. Our hats have been many, odd, messy, and completely life-changing. We would be lying if we said we weren't a bit tired. But the same smiles from months ago seem to grow daily. Reminding us it's all been worth it. ⁠

Not pictured are hundreds of others. Today, as we enter into a season rooted in gratitude, we simply want to say thanks—to early believers, loyal customers, lifelong soakers, and committed volunteers and contractors. ⁠

Nothing brings us more joy than to see others explore and enjoy this land. This yurt, now a group rental for the Winter, represents the heart of this endeavor. It was our first project built by over 30 volunteers. It's a nod to our mission—one of healing, individual growth, and group connection. ⁠

We can't wait to see what you all do with it this Winter!


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