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Gratitude for Volunteers | Maple Grove Hot Springs

Volunteers and the Maple Grove Community

Behind every big project is amazing, generous, humble humans who step up to see it through. Not because they have something to gain but because they know they have something to give. ⁣

⁣When we took on this venture, we had limited information on how the land and systems move, function, and change—even less on what they demand. ⁣

⁣The questions mounted. How do we stop this? Turn on that? Unplug there? Prevent that over here? The list became long that grew daily.

⁣Since then, stalwart people from Maple's past have continued to surface, offering wisdom, guidance, previous knowledge, and even time on their birthdays. ⁣

⁣Thanks to swimsuit-clad birthday boys like Chris of Empyrean Gemstones for feeling a shared sense of stewardship for this land and for passing along his knowledge with such care. ⁣

⁣Did you know it takes a full day to drain, clean, and re-fill this playful 85° F pool? Neither did we.

Volunteer at Maple Grove

We're always so grateful for our volunteers and love the community that they're building. Join us for a Volunteer Soak and Camp Day any week—we'd love to have you.


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