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Great Salt Lake Rowing Club | Maple Grove Hot Springs

Each day, a new side of Maple reveals herself. And like all good revelations, they carry some truth that is bound to last a lifetime.

This past weekend, our shores were abuzz with members of the Great Salt Lake Rowing Club. We've seen many things enter the water from our banks—kayaks, paddle boards, tubes, fishing poles, and the ever-graceful inflatable swans, but this was a first.

Training and exploring by day, soaking and socializing by night, our space wore an obvious but less frequent attire—a recreational basecamp blending communal outdoor adventures and personal self-reflection.

The ripples of this marriage are endless—training for triathlons and trail running. Workshops for rock climbing and fly fishing. Meet-ups for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. We can't wait to see what shows up next.

Something tells us this recreational base camp is just getting started.


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