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How did we end up here? | Maple Grove Hot Springs

How did I end up here?

Everyone on our team asks themselves this question at least once a day.

Usually, its origin is simple splendor. It's when we find ourselves alone, staring off into the wilderness, taking it all in. Thinking about all the ways to wander, and work, and exist on Earth. And how luck has played a role in us spending a blink of our existence here. Right now.

Often, however, we ask this question from another point of view. One of utter exhaustion and frustration.

It's. Hard. Work. And nothing is harder on our land than delivering the best hospitality experience we can all off the grid and completely on foot. The heat-of-the-day hauling of bedding. Combating everything that Nature has to offer as if we were a hotel. Natureless. Bugs, critters, wind, and rain.

In that spirit, we are thrilled to welcome Easton Smith.

To the team as our newest member of the hospitality crew! She's taking a gap year after graduating high school to see what Mother Nature has to teach. If you see a bonafide backpacking housekeeper onsite, it's probably her!

How did you end up there?

If you aren't asking that question two ways most days about the same experience, you just may be missing the best part that your days have to offer.


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