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"I got you!" Shoutout to Chad | Maple Grove Hot Springs

"I got you!" —Chad Artist⁠

⁠We don't always talk about it, but first and foremost, we are a 45-acre solar-powered, off-grid, working retreat center. ⁠

⁠That happens to have hot springs. ⁠

⁠That means that behind the scenes, we have a team of over ten stewards, hosts, groundskeepers, caretakers, hospitality gurus, and overall fanatics who are buzzing here and there to manage this land first. ⁠

⁠There is no controlling it, just understanding its balance and actively responding to it. What to let grow, what to cut down. What to harvest and when. What to move here and add there. When a season is winding down, and how to make room for a new one to come.⁠⁠

It's a lot. ⁠⁠

It's a constant effort to care for the land while also caring for ourselves. When the balance is off, you'd be the first to notice. When it's on, well, you notice that too. ⁠

⁠Now almost four years in, we feel like we know what it takes. And, unsurprisingly, that answer is and always has been deeply loving, positive, open, flexible, and kind HUMANS. ⁠

⁠For example, meet Chad. Now almost a few years in, Chad's unwavering answer to nearly every need onsite is a refrain that fuels your entire guest experience. "I got you"⁠

⁠When you're in a bind, Chad's answer is always the same. ⁠

⁠And, all these years later, he's always "got us". So it's no surprise that he will be stepping into a new role managing our grounds, land, and pools. ⁠

⁠Next time you're up onsite, know that Chad is sweating the details of this wild land on your behalf!⁠


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