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Is Maple Grove Hot Springs Kid-Friendly?

Sometimes, we get a question that goes like this: “Are you kid-friendly?”

Our answer, of course, is unequivocally YES.

We’re not fully sure what makes a place unfriendly to kids, but something tells us it has to do with grumpy adults.

The longer we have been in business, the more silly this question sounds. To date, nearly 100 percent of guest-related behavior that impacts someone else’s experience for the worse has been from you adults out there.

Whether old or young, big or little, our invitation is the same—show up to our land with the explicit intention to let your presence enhance someone else’s experience, not detract from it. Do this, and you are not only welcome here; you are, in fact, part of the experience itself. An experience designed for childlike peace, quiet, and wellness.

Kids seem to get this. When they don’t, some loving guidance tends to do the trick.

You adults, however, occasionally forget.

For those with kids wondering if we are safe for you, our answer is yes. For those without wondering if we are peaceful for you, our answer is the same.

We are for all humans seeking some peace, quiet, safety, and smiles.

The real question for you grumpy adults out there is, are you kid-friendly?


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