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Love Off the Grid | Maple Grove Hot Springs

Let's talk about true love. Today is Valentine's Day, and right now, Logan, our lead solar expert from Gietzen Solar, is dropping whatever hot date he had with his family to help solve an important issue with our solar array. ⁠

⁠Love, much like an off-grid solar/hydro system, isn't easy. ⁠

⁠Both require attention, understanding, and a willingness to step up, not when it's working, but precisely when it starts to falter. ⁠

⁠But, in our experience, when the relationship is thriving, boy does it put power, that is.

⁠This 8KW system was designed and installed by Logan and his team, which also includes his wife. We love them. Not because they were with us when it was simple and easy. They have REMAINED with us at their BEST when our system was at its most CHALLENGING phases of coming online for good. ⁠

⁠Living off-grid isn't a once-and-done decision. It's a program, like love, that requires maintenance, subtle observation, and the occasional soft touch. Today, we feel the LOVE for all our many contractors and partners who have stuck by our side, as any true lover would do.


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