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Mother's Day 2022 | Maple Grove Hot Springs

It’s Mother’s Day. So, who, or what, then, is a Mother?⁠

⁠Around here, a Mother is a way to be. A way to make someone feel. A line of sight to see. An essence to embody. A relationship forever in the making. ⁠

⁠Up here, Motherhood evokes some pretty simple truths:

⁠That our land and those who walk on it are forever in awe of the women who work it. ⁠⁠

That our community and those who thrive in it are forever inspired by the women to nurture it. ⁠

⁠That our minds and the thoughts within it are forever enlightened by the women who teach it. ⁠

⁠That a Mother’s birthright is untethered to birth. That her power extends beyond posterity. That her contribution transcends children. ⁠⁠

That a Mother’s way to be, is, in fact, Motherhood. ⁠

⁠To teach is to Mother. To inspire is to Mother. To create awe is to Mother. ⁠

⁠And, on this day, to lay stone with your hands for generations to come is to Mother.

⁠To all who choose to show up in the way of the Mother, we, like children, are forever in your debt. ⁠⁠

Photos: A bunch of wild women from this weekend's Stone Masonry workshop! ⁠


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