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New Year's Day 2021 | Maple Grove Hot Springs

It's amazing how the arrival of one day can make Humans across the planet feel, just for a moment, like everything has the power to change. And it does. One Human at a time. ⁠

⁠It is a New Year, but are we new people? Probably not. But we have been through some things together. And when shit hits the fan, you gotta open that window, and with that opening comes a chance to try something new, to show up a little differently each day. ⁠

⁠If we are being honest, Human behavior created most of our struggles last year. Yet, it was also our savior. Time and time again. So if we want 2021 to look, feel, and occur differently, we must BE different. ⁠

⁠Day by day, one experience at a time, different thoughts, new feelings, and experimental actions. ⁠

⁠There is a chance that 2021 will be even harder than where we have come from, so, whatever unfolds, how about all of us Humans show up just a little bit easier? ⁠


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