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No Hurry for Business as Usual | Maple Grove Hot Springs

We are in no hurry to return to business as usual. In fact, we are going to stay parked right here for quite some time.

⁠Having softly welcomed back a limited number of nightly guests and day visitors while also paying attention to the broader activity along the Bear River, we see a few trends. Some refreshing. Others, a hint concerning. ⁠

⁠Guests are so thoughtful of one another. While socializing from a distance in pools, everyone seems to be abuzz with a safe human connection. We all, it seems, are simply thankful to reemerge. ⁠

⁠Mindfulness, awareness, and social responsibility now feel like norms entire cities, and certainly little spaces like ours, are wearing on their sleeves. ⁠

⁠At the same time, roads are crowded, rural campsites full, and ever-antsy travelers carry an air of victory over a battle that is very much still being born. ⁠

⁠In the traveler's path from Salt Lake City, for example, masks are rare, restaurants are full, and a sentiment we all relate to is on nearly every tongue:

⁠"We quarantined hard the first few months, but now, who knows. We are feeling over it."⁠

⁠We feel it too. It's Human Nature. But we also feel the data. In Utah and Idaho, cases are on the rise. Rapidly, in fact. ⁠

⁠If this were a marathon, we would be in mile three or four, and it's too early to take a pit stop. ⁠

⁠We learned a lot during the closure, and we are confident that many businesses can reemerge in new ways, as we have. But we hope customers everywhere remember just how far we still have to go. ⁠

⁠Social distancing is a must. Masks are your contribution to everyone's safety. If you must travel, limit your stops. Avoid rural towns. Feeling sick? Stay at home. ⁠

⁠Lastly, keep running. Help others along the path. This race involves everyone, and we must run at the slowest person's pace. ⁠


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