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One Year Since Covid | Maple Grove Hot Springs

Today marks one year from our initial pandemic closure. ⁠

⁠Although we were only closed for six weeks, in more ways than one, we still haven't fully re-opened. ⁠

⁠As it happens, when you adapt in concert with change, you never return. There is no coming back. The place you left no longer exists. Whether you like it or not, something else has been in motion, and it's calling you to keep up. ⁠

⁠There is no return. There is re-emergence. ⁠

⁠Today, for us, now marks just another step in our slow, quiet, continued dance with evolution. ⁠

⁠Our River House, once home to our guest lobby and communal lounge, has been closed for over a year and remains closed still. ⁠

⁠No longer a pop-up home to chefs and mingling guests in a hostel-style atmosphere, its re-emergence, however, is now beginning to take shape, and we'd like you to play a role. ⁠

⁠In a few months, this space, like life itself, will have evolved. ⁠

⁠Its bones of welcoming guests and offering warmth will very much still be intact. Our morning coffees, teas, and cocoas will still be a center of gravity, but so too, will be some expanded purposes. ⁠

⁠With your help, we intend to stock and showcase some of the region's most creative, original, useful, and naturally tasty goods in what will ultimately become our River House Store. ⁠

⁠Books, goods, goodies, and more will elevate our connection to the craftspeople and artisans of the region while also offering a unique curation of small treasures that go a long way toward advancing our mission of personal, community, and ecological wellness. ⁠

⁠Are you an artisan who makes jewelry, goods, or snacks? Are there basics that you wish we sold onsite? Is there a maker in your community who we need to meet? ⁠

⁠If so, send us a note, and let's dance!⁠


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