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Our Be Well Mission | Maple Grove Hot Springs

Woven deep into our property, our water, and now our business, is a spirit of wellness. ⁠

⁠Most who land here have their own personal wellness story. It’s partly what unites us and fully what reminds us of a powerful truth—that we are all strong at times. Weak at times. Needing at times. Giving at times. Whether physical, mental, or emotional, wellness is a moving target unique to every human.⁠

⁠Our journeys of wellness are often intimate and vulnerable. To be well, after all, requires moments of unwellness. But we all have them, and it's healthy to remind ourselves and others that wherever you are in your wellness path, there are countless humans near you, ready and willing to support you—all with stories of their own.

⁠Here at Maple, we wear our stories openly so that you can see, connect, and relate to our fellow humans hustling to hold space for those of you who stop by and need a boost along your own wellness path. ⁠

⁠Our founding partner and GM, Jordan, recently sat down with NPR’s Reluctant Therapist for a conversation spanning his own wanderings through mental health challenges, life fails, and the healing balance found here at Maple. ⁠

⁠Most importantly, know that wellness is real. It often requires a little help. And that the help often comes from someone just like you.


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