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Our Gospel: Curiosity | Maple Grove Hot Springs

Our gospel? Less convincing of one another and more curiosity toward each other. ⁠

⁠What would communities look like if we didn’t want ANYONE to be just like us, nor think, feel, look, believe, behave, love, or LIVE just like us? ⁠

⁠What if we surrendered the idea of one way to be Human and simply offered curiosity toward the infinite choices of being Human.?⁠

Less confrontation and more conversation. Thinner lines and thicker love. Faster depth and slower judgments. ⁠

⁠To be curious, after all, is to be looking. And to look, if our eyes are open, is to see—one another, ourselves, our similarities, our shared interdependence, and our infinite potential. ⁠

⁠Hot springs naturally brew up a refreshing social cocktail of curiosity. Humans from all walks of life strip down and sit in comfort, and converse. In this state, they tend to ask questions, listen, then ask more.⁠

No debates. No offense. No contention. ⁠

⁠The answers create awareness and learning and empathy, and understanding. Nothing is taken. So much is given. ⁠

⁠Yesterday, our land had a Mormon baptism, evening yoga, a tattooed exchange on ecology, and nearly every demographic in between. Everyone fits because nobody tries fitting anyone else. ⁠

⁠As we enter the epitome of identity-based clashes—an election, our prayer is this—reject fears of “us vs. them” and lean into the possibility that us IS them... ⁠

⁠Whether we like it or not. ⁠

⁠And if we don't like it, get curious.


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