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Our Origin Story | Maple Grove Hot Springs

Like all hot spring sources, what first bubbles to the surface, what you first see, is not actually the beginning. Far below, Mother Earth is moving and shaking and making. This spring source and the source of Maple Grove’s new business chapter are no different.

From here, it all moves forward, a continuation of the deep, rich past but into a future not fully known—a future not fully knowable. From this 180° F vein, lithium-rich mineral water will meander through our 45 acres of streams, pipes, and pools and eventually into the Bear River. Along its way, it will heal, inspire, warm, and relax humans not yet known, as it has for generations.

As new owners, we take this responsibility seriously. To us, this land, the people who have worked it, the guests who have found joy through it, and the source that feeds it is sacred. The source of this venture, for us, is both a tribute to Maple’s past and a commitment to its future, wherever our efforts may lead us. We invite you to collaborate with us. To be patient. To be partners. Mostly to be excited about where our meandering takes us together.

Let the revival begin.


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