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Our Stewardship Manifesto | Maple Grove Hot Springs

A crew that gongs together stays together.

As a team, we have spent the last year refining one of the most important creations up here:

Our Stewardship Manifesto.

Equal parts purpose and road map, our manifesto serves as our North Star.

It's anchored into three chapters that together serve as our reminder for WHY WE WALK THIS LAND.

1: WE WORK THE LAND to set free natural hot mineral water that runs through a wilderness that is well maintained yet wildly thriving.

  • Our waters are clean, consistent, understood, and maintained.

  • Our landscape is naturally occurring yet orchestrated with seasonal care, detail, and steady observation. We water, rake, shovel, and weed.

  • This wildlife is our lifeblood and our greatest challenge. We work with, not against, it through prevention, intervention, and education.

  • We ask, watch, test, and experience.

  • We notice the old and the new.

2: WE SUPPORT OUR GUESTS along their wellness journey through clean, restful stays in our spaces.

  • Their beds are sacred, clean, fresh, and consistent.

  • Their spaces are safe, comfortable, cared for, repaired, and always improved upon.

  • We see the unseen spaces. We dust, we vacuum, we check, and re-check.

  • We seek feedback from each and every night.

  • We stage, clean, and organize the Riverhouse, Forest Yurt, and common spaces.

  • Everything has a place, and we are its placer.

3: WE HOST AN EXPERIENCE rooted in peace, safety, and deep connection to oneself and one another.

  • We set the stage each morning and night through predictable rituals of order, ambiance, and simplicity. Coffee, pools, fires, lights, repeat.

  • We guide guests at every moment to co-create a safe social atmosphere through education, example, and thoughtful yet timely intervention.

  • We make connections, introductions and dive in when needed and get out of the way when not.

  • We create moments where none exist and take note of all those that do.


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