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Poni's Birthday! | Maple Grove Hot Springs

This BABE has a BIRTHDAY!!

⁠Oh, Poni, how do we ever thank you enough for being exactly who you are to everyone you meet? Every day you bring peace no matter what else is going on. You are present, patient, and the hardest working Fox mama this land has ever seen. ⁠

⁠Equal parts Buddha and Badass, Poni has seen Maple through her entire transition. The good. The bad. The exhausting. The rewarding. ⁠

⁠She moved in when it was a mess. She stuck with it when things got even messier. From May till today, she's been everything from a project manager, a lumberjack, our pool gal, our mouse savior, our hosting lead, our chef, our shoulder to cry on, and our shoulder to stand on. After years of competitively racing horses, she threw down the reins and signed up for a ride none of us could have imagined. Never ONCE did she flinch until the ride was ready to be over. ⁠

⁠"I won't head home until Maple is ready," she said. Today is her birthday. She was supposed to be driving on to new adventures after long fulfilling her commitment months ago. But in classic Poni style, she's gonna stick around until Sunday. You know, to make sure we get through the weekend. ⁠

⁠Her presence instantly makes one feel seen. It's a gift she shares freely. So today, in honor of Poni, listen to someone without distraction. Make eye contact while they talk. Don't have anywhere else to be other than right in front of that person for as long as they need. Ask questions. Listen to their response. Never interrupt. And at the end, always give them a hug. ⁠

⁠They will be grateful to you, just as we are to her.


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