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At the beginning, middle, and end of the day, we view ourselves as an experiment in restoration. ⁠

Of land, purpose, structures, and of ourselves as stewards and guests. ⁠

If you visit this bend of the Bear, you're invited to take part in that restoration and over these past 3 years, thousands of you have played that part with care. ⁠

But in the rapidly changing world in which we find ourselves, restoration alone won't be enough. ⁠

In neighborhoods, wild land, communities and more, the future calls not just for preservation of good things lost but also for imagination of incredible things yet to come. ⁠

Of new ways to be on and with land. Of softer ways to be in and conduct business. Of more equal exchanges between human and nature. ⁠

Mostly, of more sustainable relationships to just about everything. If the last 3 years around here have been about restoration, the next season is about imagination. ⁠

Not solely on what MORE to have, but on HOW to ensure what we have REMAINS. ⁠