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Shoutout to Josh | Maple Grove Hot Springs

Our team comprises diverse HUMANS coming together to help preserve, protect, and ultimately provide the Maple experience.

For us, it's an organic blend of offering clean healing waters, stewarding wild land, caring for restful spaces, and being the best guides we can be.

When we do this, the hard work transforms into meaningful growth—for you, for us, and for all the experiences to come.

Of all of our team members, no member has "grown" as much while on this land as Josh. Once a tiny 12-year-old volunteer, he now serves as our Staff Assistant who, at age 14, pushes us all to solve problems we didn't even know we had.

On hand and on call, his dedication to meeting your needs and those of his team is unparalleled.

In true Idaho style, he's also our team leads when it comes to backing up a trailer.

Josh, pictured here with our solar-powered steed and custom firewood hauler ( all his ideas), continues to remind us all that when challenges arise, it's not age that prepares us. It's attitude.

Friends, this young man is going places.


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