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Six Months Since Covid-19 | Maple Grove Hot Springs

It's been over six months since old ways of being were first frozen in time, then rapidly shattered. ⁠

⁠So many new ways of being were schemed up, driven by both creativity and instinctual survival. By now, we've encountered them all—designer masks, online EVERYTHING, and, of course, the ever-awkward question when we see dear friends: "Are we hugging?" ⁠

Some adaptations will fade as things improve. Others are probably here to stay. Not because we're stuck but because we've seen some unanticipated beauty. An outcome we didn't expect. A new way of being. ⁠

⁠For us, there are many. The most important has been the overwhelming confirmation that the magic of this land is found in balance. ⁠

⁠Enough Humans to create community, but not enough to create a crowd. ⁠

⁠This has been best achieved by our safe soaking sessions that take place daily in the morning (10 am–1 pm), afternoon (2 pm–5 pm), and evening (6 pm–9 pm). Each session has no more than ten spots and guarantees that when you land, you know what to expect. ⁠

⁠20 years from now, we want to offer the same predictable social experience as we do today. This practice, along with your preparation, helps make that possible.


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