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Sound Bath Concert

And just like that, a new tradition has been born. Yet, at the same time, its a tradition that we know, deep down, will look and feel wildly different every single time. ⁠

The rain, the crowd, the mood, the songs, the everything. It was, as we anticipated, a moment like no other. ⁠

Our Sound Bath Concerts have arrived. Equal parts celebration, soak, dancing and dreaming, this first one feels like its still echoing along the canyon walls. ⁠

And for the record, echo it did. ⁠

Our friends @daveyandthemidnights took the helm of our River Lounge and guided us all on a country folk voyage of original tunes and classic works of art.⁠

We floated, water danced, and bore witness to the magic that happens when creative talent finds a stage in natural wild ecosystems. ⁠

For a hot minute, it felt like everything was alive. ⁠

To those who joined the voyage, we hope you are still hearing the echo wherever you wandered off too. To those who are feeling the call to float in our next show, bon voyage! There will be plenty more where this came from!⁠

Thanks @brewerphoto@photocollectivestudios@clubhouseslc for powering the sights and sounds of the entire evening!⁠