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Stewardship Over Profit | Maple Grove Hot Springs

When we started the physical restoration of this land, we knew another revival would also need to take place. Not one requiring resources or tools, or timelines. Simply one that required creativity, commitment, and a long-haul view. ⁠

Now that our land and waters are feeling rooted, it’s time for us to focus on our next chapter—the revival and re-imagination of what it means for us to be in the business of wellness. ⁠

Simply put, profit is near the bottom of our priorities. We take a broader view of our mission. Yes, we need to thrive as a business, but we also want to preserve and protect the ecosystems upon which we depend and enhance the many human stakeholders with whom we collaborate—employees, customers, neighbors, and more. ⁠

It’s a long-term view and lifelong effort, and we don’t intend to wait until it’s convenient.


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