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Suicide Awareness: Part Two | Maple Grove Hot Springs

Woven deep into our land is a spirit of wellness. Part of that spirit includes deep struggle.

Most who land here have their own wellness story. It’s partly what unites us and fully what reminds us that we are all strong at times. Weak at times. Needing at times. Giving at times.

Our journeys are intimate and vulnerable. To be well, after all, requires moments of unwellness. We all have them. I have them. Wherever you are in your path, countless others walk alongside you.

We open up about health. But not mental health. Asking about it feels loaded, like an accusation. Sharing one's own pulse feels vulnerable, like a confession.

Yet, we all encounter scary lows. If not personally, then within our most important relationships.

More often than not, I’m doing well. But often, I AM NOT. Lost imagination for my future. Suffocation under the weight of stress. Faltering worth in the face of failure. Dreamlessness under a blanket of depression. I’ve broken down in the arms of peers. I’ve quit a job unannounced. I’ve surrendered. I’ve given up. I've simply cried for help.

Too many lows to count. My attention runs wild, and my sense of self is ever-evolving. Beliefs today run from ideas tomorrow. At any given moment, I know not who I am nor for what I am here. Yet seconds later, I am. I feel it, and then I don’t.

And so on, for as long as I can remember. And it's totally ok. In fact, it's imperfectly me. And you, imperfectly you. If today is a low moment, please talk to someone, anyone. Please talk to me.

Thanks to those of you who answered my calls. You listened. You offered no opinions. You simply held my hand. And let's be honest, I'll probably need it again.

And right now, Humans you don’t even know need to know your story. Your story gives permission for theirs to unfold for the better.

As we lead up to our Do Good Be Well campaign for mental health and suicide prevention, we will feature some powerful stories to help shatter stigmas.

— Jordan


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