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Three-Part Recipe for Magic | Maple Grove Hot Springs

We've learned we are home to rare aspects that, when present, make a private hot springs experience pretty magical. Even the presence of just one turns out to be quite unique. ⁠

  1. The source is part of the experience. ⁠ It turns out that most commercial hot springs experiences have sources that are deep within the ground and accessed through an array of pumps, piping, and diversions. Our source is 165° F and churns out over 400 gallons per minute. ⁠

  2. ⁠You can soak right alongside an open body of water. ⁠ Rivers, lakes, streams, and ponds often go hand in hand with hot springs, but not always. It is fairly common to take a dip in a mineral pool miles away from a larger body of water. 40-foot from our pools floats the Bear River within the Oneida Narrows Reservoir.⁠

  3. ⁠You're surrounded by an expansive natural environment with no fences, streets, walls, traffic, or city distractions. Commercial hot springs often mean commercial experiences with a clear separation from our natural world. While our fully off-grid location brings challenges, we are thankful it brings more deer, swan, and moose than it does streetlights and car horns. ⁠

Combined, we think this is part of what makes Maple Magic. ⁠


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