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Valentine's Day—Love Is a Choice | Maple Grove Hot Springs

The biggest gift you can give the loves of your life today, and every day, is not to require their love to be happy. ⁠

⁠To set others free from completing you.⁠

To fill your cup first and let others become the cream that froths on top. ⁠⁠

Yes, love from everywhere will add, accelerate, elevate, and enhance how you move through life. ⁠

⁠Love from neighbors, kids, friends, strangers, and of course, lovers will work the magic that causes words to fall short. ⁠⁠

That causes kisses to stop hearts, poems to be written, songs to be sung, and lives to be lived. ⁠

But no, comprehensive love from the outside will not solve the mystery of simple love from the inside.⁠

⁠If we have not yet harnessed the power of our own sails of self-love and instead bind our anchor to the ships of others, the expected gusts of life just may cause our tethers to snap. ⁠

⁠Love is a choice. Love has an order. ⁠

⁠And on days like these, let our choice be to count ourselves amongst that order. Then, to let that love spill out into the world. Into our families. Into our friendships. Into our neighborhoods. ⁠

⁠Round and round and round until we don’t even recognize from where it comes when we feel it. ⁠

⁠Because it’s everywhere and nowhere all at once. ⁠

⁠Happy Valentine's Day!⁠


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