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We Have Light! | Maple Grove Hot Springs

And in the seventh month, there was LIGHT!!! That’s right, since day one of this endeavor, Maple has been powerless. Contractors have been creative, generators have been loaned, borrowed, and swapped around, and we humans reverted to candles, coolers, and hour-long gas runs.

While it wasn’t always easy, every time we switch on a light, it serves as a reminder of how magical electricity is.

Why so long without power? We are a 100 percent renewable solar-powered property, and you can’t rush design when working in collaboration with a floating star 98 million miles away.

Shortly after switching on this light for the first time in the River House, over 25 retreat guests followed the sun's lead and human-powered our property all weekend long. A reminder that there is power all around us—free, abundant, warm, and welcoming.

Whether human or solar, take a moment today to appreciate it every chance you get!


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