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Welcome Clint and Michaela | Maple Grove Hot Springs

Guess who just finished their first-weekend hosting guests?! ⁠

⁠These two...well...technically three, are the newest members of the Maple family and will be your guides over the next nine months. ⁠

⁠Like everyone who lands on our river bank for a season, Clint Gingrich and Michaela Chamings bring with them an unwavering trajectory of journeying through life on roads much less traveled. And they also bring Summit, a tiny pup who will grow up right alongside us all. ⁠

⁠These week-old newlyweds met while Clint biked around in Australia, which Michaela calls home. What was supposed to be a few months of peddling has turned into a life that has been taking them on a ride ever since. ⁠

⁠With backgrounds in seasonal hospitality work, guest service training, cafe management, and solar power installation, these two bring with them a calm and steady presence that seems to symbolize our collective approach to what feels like our first sort-of-normal Summer season! ⁠

⁠Living the Van Life around through the last year of the pandemic in California, I think we all feel at ease with them now calling Maple home!⁠

⁠Put your bike helmets on, you two. It's gonna be a wild ride!


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