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Your Stories Move Us | Maple Grove Hot Springs

Something happened when we poured over the comments of our recent giveaway... ⁠

⁠Tears. Uncontrollable tears—the type that tap into something that's been stored up and, without warning, break a damn. Letting a flood rage. In this case, of deep gratitude for this human experience on Earth.

⁠Each comment is a witness to humanity's best nature. Collectively, they paint a vivid blanket of support that transcends the amazing people they speak of. ⁠

⁠Friends bearing witness to the suffering and endurance of those they love. Acknowledging their strength, appreciating their grace, and celebrating their impact. ⁠

⁠Recipients feeling surprised, seen, enveloped, and cared for. ⁠

We know almost none of you. But for a moment (or two), we cried—silently in our River House—with each and every one of you. A reminder to tell those we love how and why we love them. To thank those who lift us. To lift those who need us. To simply bear witness to the trials of those dear to us. To be seen, after all, is the greatest gift one can offer. ⁠

⁠Occasionally, it's also pretty nice to help those we love to take a rest, even if just for a moment. To that end, we are thrilled to let Kylie Rasmussen and Shannon Schwartz from FB know that thanks to peeps who appreciate them, they've been randomly chosen to soak up a massage getaway in one of our yurts. ⁠

⁠While we can't host everyone, you all deserve it.


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