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Across the world, humans are experiencing a loss of money. Less is flowing in about all directions. Of all our resources, times like these often reveal just how thin the loyalty of our cash can be. It comes, it goes, and right now, it's hiding from an awful lot of people. 

Thankfully, it also reminds us that money is not our only resource. Time, talent, advice, and even stuff has a role to play when our economy hits a bump. 

Trading and resource exchanges have been a currency we've loved since day one and we are eager to open up our stock pile of stuff we don't need so those who do can put it to use. 

Whether its fencing material, steel, pipes and more, if you can put it to use, let's explore what you can trade in return. We have needs that span eggs, animals, machine rentals, shovel moving, and so much more. 

And of course, our land, waters, and future nightly stays are always on the table for creative swaps! 


Our Offerings

  • Steel greenhouse structure 50 ft x 20 ft. Come and take it all for free! First come first serve.

  • 3 pallets of stone path pavers. Must take all of them. 

  • 150 cement wall retainers. Must take all of them. 

  • A whole equipment yard to peruse through!

  • Solar panels and Generac 11kw generator (needs new starter, likely used for parts)

  • Soaking passes

  • Nightly stays


































Our Needs

  • Road base!! 

  • A bobcat or mini-excavator for 3-4 hours, with or without driver! 

  • Firewood logs

  • Irrigation pro to help swap some valves

  • 14-16 ft tall tree logs (10in or more)

  • Flagstone steps / boulders

  • House painter with sprayer (4 hr gig)

  • Welder



Contact if any of this speaks to you!

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