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Seeking Perspective | Maple Grove Hot Springs

When all else fails, seek perspective.

With our heads down and hands busy with one project after another, sweating bullets to fix systems for guests not yet known, we can quickly lose grasp of the bigger picture.

The picture all around us has always been there, and that will outlast us generations over. The one native Shoshone migrated to. The one grandparents farmed, brothers hunted, mothers harvested, and children explored. The one that reminds us all will be well, not because we control it, but precisely because we cannot. It reveals how far we’ve come. It inspires where we have yet to go. Most importantly, it reminds us that anything we may add or subtract pales in comparison to what naturally comes forth. In that space, for a change, everything seems to make perfect sense.

If you are tired, fighting, stressing, losing, forgetting, wondering, seeking, or barely standing, take a moment and seek perspective.


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